In a world that changes constantly people get lost.

Our environment has become demanding and challenging. We are over-stimulated by information, requests and responsibilities. Unfortunately, our human brain has not changed. We loose control, get stressed and become unefficient. We search for the sense of our being.

The only thing to do in this situation is to change our viewpoint and learn to be human again. It’s easy to say, not always easy to do.

extra dimensions supports organizations and individuals to (re)connect with this VUCA* world as human beings.

This reconnection can take different forms and dimensions and support you to find your own extra dimensions and to develop into the direction you choose. That’s where our name comes from.

We do this through :

  • Consultancy in marketing, process management, human resources and change management to support organizations to grow in a human way.
  • Training & workshops to groups in or outside organizations
  • Coaching : executive coaching, team coaching and individual coaching in a professional or private context

Always with a human touch !

Curious to know more? Have a look at our Corporate approach or our Personal Development pages. Or simply contact us.

* VUCA = volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous

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Trained in Neuro Cognitive Approach at the INC