Personal Development

Personal Development

Coaching can be done with an objective of personal development. In this case it will be on the individual demand of the coachee.

Situations, coaching is useful in

  • Reach a better work – life balance,
  • Professional/career development,
  • Overcome difficult personal situations such as disease, death, divorce, empty nest, move, …,
  • Identify & reach personal goals such as improvement of communication skills, interpersonal relationships or gain more confidence
  • and many more, individually defined.

In a coaching relationship the coach functions as a stimulating partner who helps you to reach your objective through effective questioning and challenging. Our method is direct, pragmatic, in respect to your needs and values. It is result-oriented, dynamic and active.

We regularly organize introduction workshops about subjects like stress reduction,  dare to be human (introduction into emotions and values) or other interesting topics.

The easiest way to understand what coaching can mean for you is to try it. So don’t hesitate to contact us.