Our corporate approach is organized around the idea that people are the most important asset an organization has and they are the most powerful marketing tool you can imagine. In most cases our interventions turn around four main subjects.

The products or services you offer are key to the success of your organization. But they are not the only success factor. The relationship you build with your customers is another one. People mainly want to buy from people. The more customer-centric your organization is the better the relationship with your customers will be and the more satisfied customers you will have.

Still, being customer centric is not only the affaire of customer facing service. It needs to be part of the company culture, an embedded value in your organization.

For sure you can automate as much of your processes as possible but don’t forget that your customers would not like to get the impression to be served by a robot. On the other hand it’s also important to keep human added value in your processes in order to maintain engagement and motivation for your employees. And that’s very often to biggest challenge.

Finally, how your management spreads company culture and company values is as important as your marketing strategy. We talk about employer branding and employee experience, which join the subject of human relationships. As we said at the beginning “people want to buy from people” and employees want to work for organizations that foster humanity. Unfortunately, not all managers were born as leaders and fortunately they can be accompanied to free their full potential.

Extra dimensions supports your organization, your managers and your employees into a new dimension that allows us to be fully human and balanced.

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After 25 years in marketing and product / process development in very different sectors we offer marketing support on a freelance basis to companies that wish to intensify their marketing efforts.

With the comprehension that people are the most valuable marketing tool an organization can have we came to the conclusion that the human factor in companies is very often underestimated. Therefore we use our marketing knowledge in combination with a neuro-cognitive approach and a professional coaching approach to make organizations more human and more customer-centric.

Our strength is that we accompany our clients from the idea until the concrete realization of a project.

In that case next to classis analysis of the as-is-situation and to define the to-be-situation we use different methodologies to realize a project.

Each project is different and each approach will be defined in the best interest of a project.

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Trainings & workshops

Build consciousness through knowledge and practice.

Trainings and workshops can be very efficient methods to create awareness and be a first step of the development of a team towards better understanding and collaboration.

Very often society puts emphasis mainly on rational thinking and underestimates the impact of our emotions. It’s important to (re)learn to listen to our emotions and to use them in a positive way. To learn to use empathy in a team increases the level of collaboration. Emotional intelligence wins slowly but certainly in importance in our professional relationships as scientific research has proven its efficiency.

Collective intelligence is another way to increase team efficiency and motivation. Knowledge gathered through collective intelligence exceeds the sum of all individual knowledge.

Our trainings and workshops are all tailor-made in order to cover your needs in the most effective way.

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Professional coaching

What is professional coaching?

Professional coaching stimulates the inner change path an individual or a team goes through. It helps a person or a team to better understand their environment. Coaching stimulates to have another look at things in order to adapt or to decide to choose another path. Clear objectives of coaching are defined up front and the coachee or team, in partnership with the coach, work towards these objectives to reach them in a defined number of sessions.

TriangleIn a corporate coaching relationship we work in a triangle constellation between the organization, the coachee or team and the coach.

After definition of goals, KPI* and time lines between the three parties, the coach accompanies the coachee or team individually in the achievement path.

Subjects of individual corporate coaching can be diverse. Some typical examples are to improve communication skills, prepare a change of responsibilities or a promotion, stress related approach such as burn out, prevention / reintegration or respect of work-life balance.

In team coaching the main objective will be to improve performance through better communication, understanding and collaboration within a team.

The most powerful teams are the most diverse teams, which have learned to use their diversity to amplify the outcome of the team in terms of performance and efficiency.

Through team coaching a team can learn to understand how their collaboration works and how it can be improved in order to become a stronger team. The ultimate goal of team coaching is to have a better measurable outcome of a team with respect to the functioning of each team member.

Team coaching can also be used with the support of a systemic approach, which can be useful in conflict situations or complex structures in order to gain better insights, which help to find a solution.

Finally executive coaching reaches the highest level of an organization and mainly covers questions about company strategy, organization or culture.

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* KPI : Key Performance Indicators